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Vintage Valet Trays

vintage valet tray assortmentWood and Metal Vintage Valet Trays

I really enjoy hunting for unique vintage containers and restyling them for use as Valet Trays. It’s amazing how a new purpose can breath life into a forgotten item.  It’s nice to have a stylish and tidy place to stash all those items we can’t leave the house without. I also appreciate being able to offer items in my shop for male customers or for gifting to a special guy. I lean towards wood and metal vessels that have a neutral and versatile appearance so anyone could enjoy them.

Shown here is a sample assortment of the vintage valet trays I currently have listed in the shop. The inventory changes regularly but I try to add new valet trays as frequently as possible. Visit me at Hey Hi Goods at Etsy and take a look!


vintage-valet-tray-with-berriesWood Valet Tray with berries

bean-vintage-valet-trayVintage Valet Tray with multiple compartments.

Hey Hi Goods, Vintage Wares, Etsy Shop Relaunch

Wow! I’ve seriously disappeared since last Fall! Not sure how I get so derailed but I’ve definitely missed tinkering around here on my site. At least I have a new project to show for my down time! I recently relaunched my Etsy shop to sync up with Hey Hi Blog! My old shop was named HomeRoomStudio. I really did love it and I’m more than a little sad to see it go.

For HRS I designed and created fiber arts and accessories that utilized vintage and upcycled materials. I carried handmade items like Embroidery Hoop Art and Jersey Knit Scarves with fiber art pins. I hit 100 sales within my first couple of quarters and then my studio flooded….I had to shut down the shop while we dealt with the mess.

Hey Hi Goods, formerly Home Room Studio

I switched my inventory over to digital downloadable art and let it be.

Hey Hi Goods, formerly Home Room Studio

During that time I thought about what my next move should be. I definitely missed my shop and I missed scouting for my vintage and upcycled materials. I decided I would like to carry inventory that didn’t require such a dedicated studio work space but still allowed me to sell what I loved.

I’m pleased to announce that HomeRoomStudio has officially been relaunched as Hey Hi Goods! The new shop carries mostly vintage housewares along with a few jersey knit scarves and digital prints like the ones shown above.

Hey Hi Goods Shop Relaunch

The inventory is still growing and I eventually want to offer a few handmade goods again but I’m trying to keep the operation small and nimble. I may add my handmade items on a seasonal basis so make sure the check the shop this Fall!

So far I love photographing and staging all my items and giving them shiny new make overs. Check out the shop and tell me what you think!

Hey Hi Goods Vintage ShopTo learn more about the shop and my love for vintage goods check out my About Page on Etsy.