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Vintage Valet Trays

vintage valet tray assortmentWood and Metal Vintage Valet Trays

I really enjoy hunting for unique vintage containers and restyling them for use as Valet Trays. It’s amazing how a new purpose can breath life into a forgotten item.  It’s nice to have a stylish and tidy place to stash all those items we can’t leave the house without. I also appreciate being able to offer items in my shop for male customers or for gifting to a special guy. I lean towards wood and metal vessels that have a neutral and versatile appearance so anyone could enjoy them.

Shown here is a sample assortment of the vintage valet trays I currently have listed in the shop. The inventory changes regularly but I try to add new valet trays as frequently as possible. Visit me at Hey Hi Goods at Etsy and take a look!


vintage-valet-tray-with-berriesWood Valet Tray with berries

bean-vintage-valet-trayVintage Valet Tray with multiple compartments.