Hey. Hi. I’m on the hunt for this summers maxi skirt. Sometimes a girl just wants to dress herself in something long, flowy and purely feminine. Well, at least this girl does. The problem is, skirts and I don’t always get along. You see, I’m short. A whopping 5ft 2in if the light hits me just right. Which is fine for some girls, but, I have super short legs and a long torso so most skirts tend to make me look like a 6 year old dressed up in her Mom’s Sunday best. Especially, the low waisted numbers that have dominated the scene for the last EVER. Lately, higher waist lines have been creeping back in and me-thinks it’s time to try out the maxi skirt once more.


Style Photos found via Pinterest

All the ladies shown here are sporting full skirts with elasticized, gathered waistbands (I have narrow hips so this detail appeals to me). They rest well above the hips and the flared skirt accentuates your waist. In my case, I’m hoping it creates the illusion of longer legs! Plus, I know little Zoella in that second photo is no taller than I am! I love the casual style of this look paired with a simple cotton T or tank. A cute belt and bag and you look stylish but not overdressed. What do you think? Yes?

I’ve scoured Pinterest and all my favorite shops and narrowed my selections down to the following 5 options. Keeping in mind, price, color and availability these pieces all bring a little something to the table. I’d happily try each on and give them the old “princess twirl”. They are all offered in light weight fabric like super soft jersey so it’ll keep you nice and cool without weighing the skirt down. Some are only available online which means I’m gonna have to roll that dice and pick my fave.


My personal winning choice is #1, the H&M skirt, for only $17.95! It comes in 7 colors so, if I like it, I have 6 more colors to pick! Oh yeah. Plus, pockets! POCKETS! I can put stuff in there! W-I-N. I’m a little excited. Now, I’ll just hop on over to H& and place my order. Fingers crossed I’ll be twirling around my house by next week!

Do any of you petite ladies have any tips for wearing maxi skirts or dresses?

1// H&M – Maxi Skirt – 7 colors, $17.95

2// Target – Xhilaration® Junior’s Illusion Maxi Skirt – 2 Colors, $19.99

3// Boohoo – Vivian Viscose Jersey Belted Maxi Skirt –  4 colors, $26.00

4// Boohoo – Ruby 90’s Grunge Style Button Front Maxi Skirt – 2 colors, $32.00

5// Modcloth – Reverie Little Thing Skirt – 1 color, $49.99



Hey. Hi. Welcome to the blog! Here’s a “first post” freebie!

I know the Paint By Number ship has been sailing these shores for quite some time. With that said, for my first post here at Hey.Hi., I thought it would be nice to give away a couple of beauties that I’ve always loved and am very pleased to share.

I’ve breathed some fresh life into these vintage PBN’s by giving them a digital make-over with a cheerful new look. Enjoy!



Credit Note: These two scenes were very popular Paint by Numbers kits back in the day so, alas, the original artists are unknown. However, I’m happy to give credit to all the old school crafters who set the bar for us DIY creative types!

Links to download your free wallpapers!

iphone5 / deer / mountains
iphone4 / deer / mountains

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