It’s Autumn! Free Fall Color and Peak Foliage Printable Map.

This week we celebrated the Fall Equinox on Tuesday, September 23rd. The season for change is unmistakably here once again. Each summer I’m absolutely sure I will never want the lush, green season to end, especially this summer, after that beast of a Winter. Yet somehow, every September, I am invigorated by that first chilly dip in temperatures and the promise of a colorful show by Mother Nature. Depending on where you live, the sights can be truly breathtaking. I find myself searching the web to see when and where the seasonal Fall Color will be at its best. Do you too?

Maybe we’ll take a weekend road trip this year. Or a long drive to a countryside Pumpkin Patch or Apple Orchard. If so, we’ll be sure to bring along our cameras for a scenic Family Photo.


I was inspired by all the Fall Color Foliage Weather Reports out there to create a cheery little version myself. This Fall Color forecast is based on a report I found from the CNN Weather Bureau. I’m sure peak Fall Color timing varies from year to year depending on weather conditions but this is a good, general calendar to help time any trips or events around the season.

You can download this 8×10 Free Printable and hang it up for easy reference along with a bit of seasonal color!


Click here to download a Free 8×10 Fall Color and Peak Foliage Printable



Vintage Wooden Bowls


Thrifted_WoodBowls_InspirationIt’s hard to deny the natural beauty of these vintage wooden bowls. Whether they’re large rustic dough bowls or rich hued salad bowls they lend a simple, traditional element to your modern day home. Yet, it’s easy to see why these types of bowls are no longer common. They require care and upkeep to maintain their gorgeous luster and condition. If you’re like me, non-dishwasher safe items are cringe worthy and the art of seasoning a wooden bowl is an enigma wrapped in mystery. However, in kinda, related news, I’ve been steering away from non-stick cookware, due to reports of cooties and what-not. I recently inherited an amazing set of my late Nana’s cast iron pans…my sister got her giant dough bowl, D’OH! (see what I did there?) Alas, these are also non-dishwasher safe BUT are so amazing to cook with. Once you brush up on your cast iron care and maintenance, clean up is a cinch and the benefits are plentiful. In fact, I may do a separate post on those beauties down the road. Now BACK to the bowls. I figured if I can maintain cast iron cookware I can tackle some vintage wooden bowls as well. The pieces above were my inspirations when I was searching for my set.

Here are the wooden bowls I managed to score at my local thrift shop:


These were photographed “as-is”. I mean, I have done NOTHING to them….er, I should probably at least give them a good wipe down. No worries, I have displayed them safely away from all food on some shelves until I figure out how to condition and care for them. I’m looking for a very simple “food grade” option that’s low maintenance and readily available. So far these sound appealing.

Natural Wood Rub
natural wood rub

Spoon Butter
spoon butter

Pure Coconut Oil
coconut oil wood conditioner






Finding a good bargain is always a rush, but guys, I scored all these for only $6 bucks! The most expensive one of the lot was only 99 cents! Now, to be fair, they’ve been used-by-god-knows-who and I have no idea how old/new they are but, they fit the bill, and now I don’t have to worry so much about potentially ruining them.

I may not be brave enough to serve up soup and salad in these but once I get them cleaned and polished maybe I’ll start with some chips or dinner rolls and see how that goes. If anything, they look very classy hanging out on my shelves so, there’s that.

Thrift shopping not your thing? Check out these options available online. Links below.


Top Row: From Etsy, Left, Right

Middle Row: From Amazon, Left, Right

Bottom Row: From World Market, Left, Right



*** Updated to include iPhone6 and 6Plus Sizes!***


I am a self professed Youtube addict. I use it for EVERYTHING. If you ever need to learn how to do anything, just Youtube it. You’ll have that shiz sorted out by dinner time. I drank the kool-aid a few of years ago when I was trying to learn how to crochet. After a few videos I was half-double crocheting my heart out. Soon I was looking up recipe demos, workout vids, ukelele lessons…it’s all there. It’s all FREE. Straight up addicted.


I won’t even admit to how many vloggers I follow but let’s just say there’s no more room in my life for scheduled TV programing.  Ok, except for Game of Thrones.

Grace Helbig- I don't know

Todays free wallpaper features a handlettered quote from one of my favorite Youtubers, Grace Helbig. Over at the It’s Grace channel, she uploads new videos Monday-Friday full of comedic genius. She signs off each video with these words of wisdom. If you’re a fan, I hope you enjoy this little freebie. If you have no idea who Grace Helbig is, well, I think this quote is pretty universal. Check her out on Youtube at It’s Grace.


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