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Round Up – Brass Candle Holders

Warm toned metals are a welcomed trend that has continued to grow over the last couple of years. In both home and fashion you can clearly see this theme gaining momentum. Fortunately, it’s very easy to introduce touches of brass, gold and copper through fixtures, hardware and decor items to add warmth throughout your home. In this Round Up I have featured beautiful, easy to find, collections of brass candle holders that have been creatively curated and displayed.



Links from Top, Left to Right:

⨠ Brass Taper Centerpiece – Bridal Musings
⨠ Vintage Brass Set via Camille Styles
⨠ Beach Centerpiece via Style Me Pretty photography by Kurt Boomer
⨠ Moss and Brass Tapers via frksötsur tumblr
⨠ Taper Holder on Farmhouse table Sunday Suppers
⨠ Candlesticks on Mantle In The Fields
⨠ Dipped Brass Taper Holders Inspired by Charm
⨠ Ornate Centerpiece via Style Me Pretty photography by Kurt Boomer

Most of these sets are vintage brass candle holders that have been grouped together for a dramatic effect. I love how unified the mismatched pieces look by keeping the set in a common brass tone. I also think it helps to stick with a polished finished or a vintage patina. This allows you to mix styles of vintage and new, traditional and contemporary and even, short and tall. You can go as eclectic as you like!

Once you’ve gathered a nice assortment you can display them throughout your home. They look fantastic as a centerpiece, especially for a holiday table. Use them to highlight your fireplace mantle, coffee table, console or bookshelf for instant charm.

Below are some brass candle holders available in my Etsy shop. I try to keep an assortment stocked but they tend to sell pretty quickly. I add new brass items weekly so if these are sold out check back later for fresh stock!



Once you get started on your brass candle holder collection keep adding to it! Raid Granny’s attic or check out local garage sales for unique brass treasures!


Fall Kitchen Warm Up

I’m in the midst of giving my Fall Kitchen a little warm up. Like Pavlov’s dogs, I’m compelled to start baking and cooking when Autumn rings it’s bell.  Fall home tours have popped up all over the blog circuit and I’ve been quite envious of the latest cozy Fall Kitchens. I have a white kitchen with blue and gray accents so it can be a challenge to warm it up. I’m not talking about just decorating with pumpkins and gourds (those will come as well!) but more of an overall change of mood for my cooking and entertaining space that suits the coming seasons.

Fall Kitchen


Product shown above, clockwise:

Copper Kitchen Canisters | Amazon
Wooden Serving Spoons | H&M
Brass Cake Stand/ Pedestal | H&M
Large Heritage Serving Board | Crate and Barrel
Medium Teak Paddle Board | Crate and Barrel
Small Paddle Cutting Board | H&M
Geometric Tea Towel | Etsy, Wit & Whistle
Bronze Corkscrew | Modcloth
Round Copper Tray | H&M
Wood Pillar Holders | Amazon
Small Brass Box | H&M
Large Fluted Jar with Brass Lid | H&M

I’m keeping my focus on all these gorgeous warm woods and metals for my Fall kitchen. I’m loving all copper and brass accents, especially in kitchens with mixed metals. Lush. When we remodeled our kitchen, nearly seven years ago, EVERYTHING  was brushed nickel. I’m not ready to replace all this hardware yet so I’m glad to see options for mixing things up! I’ve already ordered a few items featured above, a paddle shaped cutting board and a few of the brass canisters. I’ll also be on the look out for these finishes when I visit the flea markets and resale shops. I like the idea of adding in some vintage appeal to a modern kitchen. This way I can invest in some updated pieces for Fall that I don’t have to take down in a month.

The aim is to capture some of the warmth and charm of these beautiful kitchens. If all goes well I might post a mini kitchen tour to show the updates.

Fall Kitchen


Follow these links to see more of the homes above. The top two have complete Fall home tours with links to many more via the BHTS Fall 2014 tours.

Top | The Inspired Room | Finding Fall {Home Tour}
Middle | The White Buffalo Styling Co. | BHTS Fall 2014
Bottom | Style at Home | California Cool

If you liked the items shown in this post, check out my Monthly Faves over in the sidebar where you can find more great products and deals for your Fall Kitchen.


Fall Kitchen and DiningOne last note! You may have noticed I included many items from H&M’s Home Collection, new to the U.S. in late 2013. And new to me like, now… I was very impressed with their assortment and prices so I thought I’d share a couple of their styled product shots. No affiliation, just an excited consumer. It’s only available to the U.S. online and things seems to go in and out of stock frequently. I ordered some canisters and jars from them so I’ll let you know what I think when they arrive!




Product Sources Linked Below

I’ve been debating about placing ads on The usual dilemmas apply. Do I risk cluttering up the page to try and earn some pennies or keep the design nice and clean? I have worked in Product Design and Development for over a decade so it’s second nature for me to analyze products and figure out the best value for my target consumer. Now that I’m self employed I really miss creating and selling retail items but, as a blogger, I’m pretty excited to explore all types of products now and not just what my employer manufactures.

In reality, this is my livelihood, so I spent some time researching the best ad options for me. Since we’re already Amazon shopping enthusiasts I was excited to try out their affiliate program . I already trust them as a consumer (a little too often) so I feel pretty comfortable partnering with them for business. I really like the control I have over the affiliate content and how it’s displayed on my site. I can pick the exact products I want to suggest and incorporate them into the content I want to blog about. Win-win in my book. I am still looking at other ad programs, with the main rule being, that I am able to control what is being promoted. If you see and ad or affiliate link on my site, it has been chosen by me because it is relevant, I use that service, I personally shop there, I own it, or I wish i owned it! Hopefully these links will be as useful to you as they are to me.

I found all the products in the April styleboard above at Amazon. Most of them are “prime” eligible items as well which, if you’re a member, will give you added savings and speed on shipping and delivery. Going forward not all featured products will be via Amazon but I think this is a nice demo of a symbiotic relationship regarding affiliates. Plus, no spammy ads grossing up the place.

If you’re interested, check them out here:


How do you feel about ads and affiliates on the sites you visit? What do you think about my approach here? Good, bad or is it not even an issue?

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