Hi, my name is Tania. I live in the Chicagoland area and started this website as a place for my professional and personal designs to live. I am a Creative Designer with over 15 years of industry experience. My degree and roots are firmly planted in Graphic Design and this foundation has led me through a rewarding career in many forms of design. The majority of my career has been focused on creating Home Accessories and Decor products, which I have truly loved! I have designed and sold products into major retailers nationwide for over 10 years. I’ve had the great fortune to travel abroad to distant locations to source materials and goods for my designs. Exploring places like Hong Kong, Vietnam and India has been a highlight of my life. I love my chosen profession and enjoy designing for business and pleasure!

I now freelance from home and love the variety of projects that come my way. I’ve gotten to branch out into food and beverage brands and have been able to get back to my graphic design roots as well. I’ve enjoyed designing for exciting local businesses along with major international retail brands. Currently, I’m working remotely with Mezzetta, a great company based out of California. I provide design consultation and services on a variety of projects from Logos and Branding to Sales and Marketing Support for major retail clients like Target, Walmart and Kroger.

The best part of working from home is I now have time to explore more personal endeavors. I greatly enjoy creating original design content for my personal blog and online shops. Feel free to explore my products over at Society6 and Etsy or puruse my blog here at heyhiblog.



I work at home alongside our retired + rescued Greyhound, Finley. One spoiled, 40mph, couch potato! Lucky for him, my husband often works from home too so we can give him lots of company!

Visit Greyhounds Only to learn more about rescuing retired Greyhounds in the Chicagoland area or search this directory for an agency near you.



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